Analysis & Measuring tools

Static and Dynamic Foot Scan Analysis :

Featuring both static and dynamic modules :
Pedometer is a lightweight plantar pressure measurement device which records all the relevant information needed to analyze the foot’s behavior.
Straightforward interpretation of the foot’s function is displayed through high quality graphics. These include highlighting the center valium online
of pressure (GAIT LINE) and maximum pressure throughout plantar contact.
• Pressure
• Function
• Symmetry
• Timing
• Balance
• Orthotics
• Footwear

Quick Detailed Reports :

Dynamic Features General pressure overview:
Mean, max and pressure time integral
Frame by frame with centre of progression,
max value and force vs. time curves
Visualization of pressure:
mean,max and pressure/ time integral.

Static Features :

Centre of progression of each foot,centre of force & distribution. Stabilometry: Quantifies sway in anterior/ posterior and sagittal perspectives. 3D visualization in max or mean values.