Our Mission

our goal is to produce a product and cultivate an environment that creates a positive difference in all the lives we touch. The cornerstone of our culture is a commitment to behave ethically, honestly and courteously, always striving to do what is right. Our Insoles have succeeded in creating an aftermarket orthotic insole that has the quality and benefits of a medical, full custom, doctor prescribed orthotic, but made affordable to the average person. Quality, performance, and innovation is our number one focus, and delivering a product to make your life better will always be our mantra. The bio-mechanics and scientific shape of orthotic insoles is a result of 30 plus years of experience in the medical world. Our insoles are approved and recommended by renown doctors, physical therapists, and podiatrists worldwide.

All of our products are specially created and formulated from raw materials in the factory with innovative blends of only the finest medical grade materials and foams for our products and Insoles.It is a state of the art, high impact protective, smart foam. This magical concoction is able to endure heavy shock impacts and transform its character to absorb and distribute energy predominantly reducing impact while keeping its original cushy soft foam state without ever packing out. What makes our insole strong is the durability that you won’t find in other impact foams and it’s ability to rebound back to it’s original state very quickly. You will never feel dead where you stand. It is more protective, comfortable, and will outperform traditional inferior foams that exist in the market

Our purpose is to help our friends and community live life less painfully and improve the quality of life.

If you were to punch a wall with your wrist bent you will break your wrist. Now if you stack and align your joints and make sure your wrist is straight then you will have more force and power backing your punch and are less prone to injury. Now imagine your wrist is your ankle and it is enclosed in a shoe that bends it out of alignment… you have all your body’s weight on it all the time and you start jumping off of everything. You want to be sure that your joints are stacked and aligned to perform at your highest potential and don’t risk injury. That is exactly what our insoles do is help align your foot into a position that helps stack and align your joints.

Everyone has a different type of foot and body make up and needs something specific to their unique foot structure. Shoes and boots are manufactured for only one type of foot and in most cases are not scientifically and bio-mechanically engineered to support the foot and joints properly. Our orthotic insoles is the result of exactly that. We deliver products that support our feet anatomically with a solid foundation and help align the body’s joints to alleviate stress. We work with several different doctors, engineers and an entire development team to make sure our insoles are doing their intended purpose

Orthotics are custom shoe or boot inserts that are intended to adjust the foot by altering the angles at which the foot impacts the ground. About 25 percent of the population has a “Normal Foot.” While heel impact is endured, the foot will pronate or roll inward about four degrees. This amount of pronation is normal and is necessary in order to naturally absorb shock blows and heel strikes.

In over 50 percent of the population problems occur when the foot over- pronates or rolls inward to far or more than four degrees. During Over-pronation a loss of stability of the foot occurs. This excessive strain on the arch of the foot eventually can lead to inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a fibrous band that runs from the heel through the arch into the soft tissues in the ball of the foot. Straining this fibrous band can lead to plantar fasciitis and heel pain, spurs and many other painful injuries that eventually can effect the ankles, knees, and hips.

About 25 percent of people under-pronate in which the foot rolls in less than four degrees when the heel impacts the ground. This is a very stable foot and usually has a high arch, but is poor shock-absorbing because of under-pronating. This lack of shock absorption may lead to ankle knee and hip problems.

The motion of the foot pronating or its opposite motion called supinating is a tri-planar motion that takes place in the sub-talar joint of the foot. This is what allows the motion of the foot and ankle joint and sits on top of the calcaneus bone or heel bone. Since the foot rolling in to far after the heel hits the ground is called pronation, and the opposite motion where the foot rolls outward to far after heel strike is called supination. Our orthotic insoles are used to control sub-talar joint motion and help control and stabilize pronation and supination. Insoles are anatomically and bio-mechanically designed so that when the heel strikes the ground it allows for four degrees of pronation to occur and not over- supinate or over- pronated.

When your foot is out of alignment and isn’t supported properly, the rest of your joints will over compensate in attempts to make up for your foot being off kilter. This puts massive amounts of stress on the ankles, knees, and hips causing weakness, fatigue and a higher chance of injury. When the foot is properly supported and aligned using Orthotic Insoles, the ankles knees hips and spine will also fall into straight alignment. Massive amounts of stress is relieved from these joints, balance and strength is increased, and the chances of injury decreases immensely.